Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hi all,

I came home today to find a lovely Treasury from TW that included my Tatao Earrings:

Thank you, Elde for including me in such a lovely Treasury☺

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Here's a nice grouping of beautiful handcrafted items from Etsy that I curated as a compliment to the Sol Earrings that are available at SCJ for Etsy. I love the amber tones and although these earrings are intended for summer wear, I think they fit quite nicely in this collection of autumn inspired creations.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blogging Again

I've been out of the loop for the last week and a half. My computer started to malfunction and I had to call a professional. They took my Dell away for a week to their repair shop and I went through "internet withdrawl".

However in my hiatus I was able to get some creativity done. I've sketched some new ideas-for Spring- and have started to work on some more creations for Fall and Winter. I've also applied to a couple of local shows that will occur in September, one of which is right in my neighborhood. I'll have pictures of my booth set-up soon☺

My website is coming along great and is still scheduled for August 20th. I've figured out a way to simplify the process and I may have it up and running before the 20th.

My two eldest children(17 and 16) are out camping for the week and I miss them very much. This is the first time they've ever been away for so long. They are in an area where a lot of natural gems and minerals are found-they promised to bring me back what they find so that I can use it in my work(I'm a lucky mom☺) I can't wait for Friday to come so that I can see them again♥

UPDATE: August 17th 2009
The kids got back over two weeks ago and they are still talking about what fun they had☺ My daughter learned how to crochet and my son caught 18 fish at the lake!

I may have to postpone my website premiere until early September due to a few minor setbacks
I'll know for certain by August 19th.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I've been accepted into Trunkt. I applied a while back and was not accepted. I guess after a year of refining my work and taking better pictures(in MY opinion of course☺) have finally paid off.

Here's my portfolio:

I plan to use this opportunity as a way to network and get to know more artists as well as to further promote my work.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Almost There...

I've been listing new creations on Etsy steadily now for the past two weeks.
I know in my previous post that I mentioned that would allow my listings to expire on Etsy. I've decided that I will utilize Etsy in a different way. I'm building a "gallery" at Etsy to house my lower end work-that is, creations that would fall in the category of being more affordable . I've priced these creations accordingly so that they would be available for wholesale purchasing. To be truthful, I don't expect many individuals sale-maybe a few, hopefully☺ Instead my wholesale clients(on and offline) would be able to view the selection there and make their choices.
My new website will house my higher end creations-creations that are composed of materials such as high karat gold and AAA gems. Both sites will display my Fall/Winter 2009 collections. The estimated debut date for my website will be August 20th(*crosses fingers*)
I've decided to close both my 1000Markets and Ecrater accounts. The reason for this is not because of low traffic although that is one factor. At 1000Markets, I could not fully take advantage of the features there. I kept getting blocked from listing my work and from posting on "walls" and in the forums. The only thing that functioned correctly was my blog and I naturally had that directed here. I've worked with the admin and the programmer at 1KM about resolving the issue. They were very friendly and went the extra mile to try and help me with the issue but nothing we tried seemed to work. Other than that, I think it would have been promising.

My Ecrater account will be replaced by my new website. I've already informed my local customers here in Rochester. They are just as excited as me☺. I think that my new website will be more user friendly and easier to navigate than Ecrater.
'Til next time....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Designing my Website

O.K. For the last few weeks I've been working on the layout of my website for Shannon Cintron Jewelry. It's been a slow and steady process but I'm nearly complete. I already have my domains secure and I decided to use NVU to design my site. NVU is a free web authoring software program that is amazing! I've played with it for the first few days; trying to get a feel for it. I also checked out some YOU TUBE tutorial vids which helped out a lot.

The look that I wanted for SCJ is very simple, earthy and almost masculine. I've so far used a single backgound with a simple font design. If you go to my Etsy shop, you can check out my banner and see a sample of what I mean. The banner at Etsy shows up a little blurry (don't know why) but the NVU pages are incredibly crisp and sharp. I'm going to replace my 1000Markets and Ecrater banners and this blog banner with the same style soon.

I won't have an immediate checkout system in place at first, therefore I will direct my traffic to Etsy,Ecrater and 1000Markets for the time being. My next steps will be to choose a host and set up my site. I can't wait!!!

If you're interested...

Here is the link for NVU .
Here are some You Tube Vids to help get you started.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Reflections, growth and moving on...

Well it's been a while since I've last posted. I've been very busy. I've been revamping and preparing new products for summer, fall and winter collections. I've also been doing some preparations for promotional work and press releases.

I believe that I am now at a crossroad with Shannon Cintron Jewelry. I feel that I am ready to take it to the next level. I'm working on designing my own website now and I think that once my items expire at Etsy I will no longer be selling there as a jewelry artist. I really like selling at Etsy. Etsy has provided me with a platform to test my market for what I want to sell but right now I want to expand my visibility and make my mark in the world of artistic high end jewelry.

I've been practicing new techniques and have been streamlining my product line. I've tried my hand at soldering for the first time and must say that it is much easier than I'd anticipated. I probably will not create any metal smith work for sale until next year because this technique is very new to me and I want to truly "perfect" my skills. I've also brushed up on some of my bead weaving and knotting techniques. I've reviewed a lot of my past selling items and have sketched revisions to make them "new" again.

Right now things are a bit at a stand still as I wait for more supplies. With the supplies that I did have around , I was able to come up with a new type of earring that I named Topek that I may consider adding to my product line once my own website is set up(which should be by late summer, hopefully). I have a version of these earrings already listed at Etsy. I used oxidized sterling silver beads and a basic stitch pattern to create the triangular shapes. I attached these to closed sterling silver jump rings and hand formed the ear wires to resemble claws. I wanted these to hang the way that a hoop earring would. They came out really nice! I wore a smaller version of these all weekend and I got a few inquiries about where I got them from and those who didn't ask, looked at them in curiosity-so I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track with these.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Aphora Hoops are the latest edition to my 1000 Markets portfolio. I think that these are perfect for everyday, office or casual wear.

These are simple sterling silver wire formed hoop earrings. I've slightly flattened and textured the edges for a more uniform look and also to add strength to the earrings. Aphora hoops have what I call an "ocular" shape-not quite an oval. These hoops are made to order and are approximately 1inch in length and width.

These are available in both bright sterling silver or oxidized (blackened) sterling silver for 6.00(US).

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Torso and Torture


This is my first small series of tribal inspired adornments for SCJ. They include a pendant necklace and earrings (Torso), and a focal bead necklace (Torture).

About the pieces...
Torso is a pendant necklace/earring grouping created by me that is composed of sterling silver chain and components. I completely oxidized the sterling silver to a black hue and sealed the patina. The pendant/charm pieces are composed of brass plated aluminum. The construction of the design is clean simple and minimal with all of the impact focused on the vintage findings. Torso(necklace) falls gracefully just below the hollow of the neckline. The earrings are 2 inches total in length and frames the face, beautifully.
Torture is a double stranded creation of oxidized sterling silver. I used the same technique as with the Torso pieces to create this necklace. It has the same sophistication and ethnic feel to it and as with Torso, it's form suggests it's name.

The history...
A gaudier necklace from my mother's jewelery box become reinvented as tribal inspired adornments. These jewelry pieces are reminiscent of ancient civilization.

Available at 1000Markets, Ecrater and *Etsy.
*please not that the Torso earrings are exclusive to my Etsy shop.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reinventions and New Perspectives

I've been doing a lot of preparations for reopening SCJ and I think it has paid off. I decided not to get the new camera but instead try to maximize the performance of my old one. I purchased two new photographers lamps and decided to make use of my photo booth. I finally broke down and decided to us my tripod and I think that made a big difference. I still wanted to keep that old ancient look with the deeper hue background but I also wanted my photos to not look too dark Here's a pic of one of my new pieces called Torso in the form of earrings. What do you think?

The majority of my creative time has been spent making new items for SCJ and Emberseed my latest venture. Most of my supply orders have come in so I was able to create an entire line of fragrances oil perfumes for Emberseed. They included the Vintage Lilac, Milkpod and Moonberry. I'm am going to present these oils as monthly gift prizes for my blog ♥TreasuryTroll♥ in order to get them out their and to get people talking about them. You can view new creations and read postings that pertain to Emberseed here:

And here's the store:

I've re-evaluated SCJ and have been able to streamline which creations will be offered at which stores. Ecrater, I now consider my "housing" shop while Etsy and 1000Markets are my "gallery" sites where people are free to purchase items and the pieces there are also a sample of the items offered at Ecrater. Each store will be stocked with what is listed. I'm listing new products on a weekly bases which goes according to my new scheduling program (I'll talk more about that in my next post☺).

My daughter and I are still waiting for a shipment of supplies for Baby Dragon so the re-opening of our shop will be postponed for another week.

I've been very active at ♥TreasuryTroll♥ and will be posting two new Treasury picks tonight. The Treasury winner of the month and a voter will be chosen in another week. Stay tuned...

Monday, February 9, 2009


My treasury post here last week inspired me to try something new that I feel will help promote the talent that is on Etsy that may not otherwise get noticed. Here is my new blog called ♥TreasuryTroll♥. It is my own alternate Treasury site for fantastic artisans, vintage and supply carriers on Etsy. This blog will be updated daily. After I've done enough posts there, I'm going to run curator contest for free gifts from one of my shops☺


Since my last post, I've been able to come up with an efficient schedule that will allow me to focus on my shops and properly take care of home. However this schedule calls for some re-constructions. Therefore, I will be temporarily closing all of my shops (Etsy, Ecrater and 1000Markets) on 2/15/09-2/27/09. I'm doing a major overhaul (new material orders, re-shooting and taking new pics, listing new items, new banners, policy revisions, etc...) and since I want everything to be perfect, I'm allowing myself about two weeks to accomplish all of this.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's been a little while since I've posted so I am attempting to play catch-up with all of my networking sites. So this is what's been going on in my life as of late...

Things have suddenly gotten very hectic for me and I am wondering whether it's getting to the point that I should put my shops on vacation mode until thing settle down. Fred had to go into the hospital last week therefore I pretty much ran the house solo. Doing this with three autistic children is very challenging but I managed to pull it off. Now Fred's home and is still recovering so now I have taken on the role as a make-shift nurse as well as a mom not to mention that I'm trying to manage my shops. I really don't want to go on a hiatus but at the same time, I want to be able to provide my customers with quality jewelry and customer service. I don't want to have to compromise between taking care of my home and my business-I want to have ample time to do both, the way that I'm used to doing it.

You see that picture up there?...*Sigh*...I'm very unsatisfied with my camera. I have all of my items made and ready to list for SCJ, Baby Dragon and Emberseed but I HATE all of the pictures. The picture that you see now is one of the better ones. Sad, isn't it? It seems as if my Canon is not working the way that it used to. It is a few years old and it was suggested to me just the other day that I upgrade. so I guess I know where part of my income tax return is going☺

One the plus side I did receive my very first sale at Emberseed just the other day. I've already shipped out the package and I hope that it finds its receipent well.

...So... if you visit and of my shops (1000Market, Etsy Ecrater) within the next few days and you happen to find them empty, it's O.K... I 'll be back soon enough☺

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finding your Target Audience and Making it Work for You

Spending a year on Etsy has provided me with alot of insight with selling online. I officially opened my shop Shannon Cintron Jewelry one year ago. Since then, I've had 76 sales on Etsy. Of those online sales I've never had a negative feedback or a private request for a refund or an exchange. Unfortunately, of those 76 customers, I have no idea of how any of them found my shop. Were they already members of Etsy and wanted to purchase from me? Did they see that I was mentioned in someones blog? Were they just randomly searching the web and found my shop? More importantly-Are these jewelry items for themselves or are they gifts? Why do they want my jewelry? These are questions that could have been easily answered if I'd have just taken a few extra steps to insure that I was familiar with the characteristics of my customer base.

With the arrival of Google Analytics for Etsy, I should be able to roughly tell where the traffic to my Etsy shops are coming from. I'm not very computer savvy so I've yet to implement this feature for my shops-I'm going to try to have it set up by the end of this week. 1000Markets carry in house stats that allow me to see how many visits total compared to how many unique visits which helps a little. Ecrater is also compatible with the GA system. However, all of this info does not "personalize" my visits. I still don't know why #412 visited my shop. Keywords from GA tells me what they searched under but it doesn't tell me if the "brown linen" that they were looking for was for a supply or for a component in one of my bracelets.

According to Wendy Rosen, once you've developed a customer profile it "should become a tool that you use daily". You should also try to expand your customer profile and try to find new directions for your work. Suggested reading: Crafting as a Business by Wendy Rosen pgs. 58-68

Because they are past customers,I would never spam them or send unsolicited material. I feel that opportunity to involve my old customers in that way has passed. Besides spam is yucky☺ However, I can do damage control. One great feature of Etsy is the ability to look through past customers profiles. There, you can find the person who purchased from you , their favorite materials(hint). On their min page you can look through their favorite(hint, hint) and even through all their past purchases(jackpot!) plus the feedback that they left for each purchase(bonus!!).

This information to me is gold-it gives me a detailed profile of my ideal customer. I can view their buying trends-the time of month or year when their purchases increase. I can get an age demographic as well as a demographic in location for my past customers to see in what area and which age group my items are most popular. From past purchases, I can come up with new creations based on a particular material or constant favorite color that is present in some of the items that they've already brought from other shops. No, I'm not talking about "copying" someones work-rather I'm suggesting an new interpretation based on popular material make-up, shape or composition. For example If I see that the majority of my customers tend to purchase items that have the color red in it then I would simply create an item of jewelry that has the color red in it. If the demand was high enough, I could even create an entire collection based around that color. I've come to realize that like my customers, I love natural materials, fabrics and beads so it isn't very hard to come up with items that are appealing to me and them.

With my soon to be new customers and repeat clients I have decided to send out either written or emailed option to receive announcements about my shops. With this option, I plan to send a quick survey to get the full picture about how they found me, what they were looking for and who they were shoping for. I may even offer a small incentive to get the ball rolling for this info.

Doing all of this research(and taking a lot of notes) is time consuming but I believe that it will pay off in the end.

This year I plan to dedicate a large portion of my time to reach out to both old and new customers. By immediately including the new customers and reaching out to past customers an ideal target audience can be established. If you have any other thoughts about this blogpost-please leave a comment below.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh oh! I've done it...

Happy New Year! I'm really excited about what's in store for me and my businesses in 2009. I've been so busy with preparations I haven't done much blogging or listing in any of my shops. They may look stagnant right now however within three weeks, I anticipate I'll be busy listing for a long time. I have three new items for SCJ that will be available at Etsy, Ecrater and 1000Markets on January 20. BabyDragon is going to get a totally new look...and many, many new items. And, here's the big Oh,Oh....

I've opened a third shop at Etsy by the name of Emberseed. The inspiration for this shop, comes from my interest in botany and the holistic lifestyle. My hopes for this new venture is to bring forth an awareness of natural living. I have not listed anything yet but some of the items in this shop will include scented oils, small home decorations and of course jewelry items. The style of this shop is simple with an hint of nostalgia.

At first I felt very intimidated about taking on another shop because of time and cost. However I thought about it and felt that this shop would allow me to become more creative with my use of available materials, display my other crafting talents and share my enthusiasm about natural living. Also, after a little research, I am convinced that there is a strong market for the items that I will be selling on Etsy.

Emberseed will officially make it's "debut" on January 21st. I will also have a blog dedicated to Emberseed coming soon. You can see pics of my preparations for Emberseed at my Flickr page on January 6.

On January 12 I will continue with my series on business building and will focus on finding your target audience.

Take care☺