Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reinventions and New Perspectives

I've been doing a lot of preparations for reopening SCJ and I think it has paid off. I decided not to get the new camera but instead try to maximize the performance of my old one. I purchased two new photographers lamps and decided to make use of my photo booth. I finally broke down and decided to us my tripod and I think that made a big difference. I still wanted to keep that old ancient look with the deeper hue background but I also wanted my photos to not look too dark Here's a pic of one of my new pieces called Torso in the form of earrings. What do you think?

The majority of my creative time has been spent making new items for SCJ and Emberseed my latest venture. Most of my supply orders have come in so I was able to create an entire line of fragrances oil perfumes for Emberseed. They included the Vintage Lilac, Milkpod and Moonberry. I'm am going to present these oils as monthly gift prizes for my blog ♥TreasuryTroll♥ in order to get them out their and to get people talking about them. You can view new creations and read postings that pertain to Emberseed here:

And here's the store:

I've re-evaluated SCJ and have been able to streamline which creations will be offered at which stores. Ecrater, I now consider my "housing" shop while Etsy and 1000Markets are my "gallery" sites where people are free to purchase items and the pieces there are also a sample of the items offered at Ecrater. Each store will be stocked with what is listed. I'm listing new products on a weekly bases which goes according to my new scheduling program (I'll talk more about that in my next post☺).

My daughter and I are still waiting for a shipment of supplies for Baby Dragon so the re-opening of our shop will be postponed for another week.

I've been very active at ♥TreasuryTroll♥ and will be posting two new Treasury picks tonight. The Treasury winner of the month and a voter will be chosen in another week. Stay tuned...

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