Thursday, July 9, 2009

Almost There...

I've been listing new creations on Etsy steadily now for the past two weeks.
I know in my previous post that I mentioned that would allow my listings to expire on Etsy. I've decided that I will utilize Etsy in a different way. I'm building a "gallery" at Etsy to house my lower end work-that is, creations that would fall in the category of being more affordable . I've priced these creations accordingly so that they would be available for wholesale purchasing. To be truthful, I don't expect many individuals sale-maybe a few, hopefully☺ Instead my wholesale clients(on and offline) would be able to view the selection there and make their choices.
My new website will house my higher end creations-creations that are composed of materials such as high karat gold and AAA gems. Both sites will display my Fall/Winter 2009 collections. The estimated debut date for my website will be August 20th(*crosses fingers*)
I've decided to close both my 1000Markets and Ecrater accounts. The reason for this is not because of low traffic although that is one factor. At 1000Markets, I could not fully take advantage of the features there. I kept getting blocked from listing my work and from posting on "walls" and in the forums. The only thing that functioned correctly was my blog and I naturally had that directed here. I've worked with the admin and the programmer at 1KM about resolving the issue. They were very friendly and went the extra mile to try and help me with the issue but nothing we tried seemed to work. Other than that, I think it would have been promising.

My Ecrater account will be replaced by my new website. I've already informed my local customers here in Rochester. They are just as excited as me☺. I think that my new website will be more user friendly and easier to navigate than Ecrater.
'Til next time....

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