Friday, June 5, 2009

Designing my Website

O.K. For the last few weeks I've been working on the layout of my website for Shannon Cintron Jewelry. It's been a slow and steady process but I'm nearly complete. I already have my domains secure and I decided to use NVU to design my site. NVU is a free web authoring software program that is amazing! I've played with it for the first few days; trying to get a feel for it. I also checked out some YOU TUBE tutorial vids which helped out a lot.

The look that I wanted for SCJ is very simple, earthy and almost masculine. I've so far used a single backgound with a simple font design. If you go to my Etsy shop, you can check out my banner and see a sample of what I mean. The banner at Etsy shows up a little blurry (don't know why) but the NVU pages are incredibly crisp and sharp. I'm going to replace my 1000Markets and Ecrater banners and this blog banner with the same style soon.

I won't have an immediate checkout system in place at first, therefore I will direct my traffic to Etsy,Ecrater and 1000Markets for the time being. My next steps will be to choose a host and set up my site. I can't wait!!!

If you're interested...

Here is the link for NVU .
Here are some You Tube Vids to help get you started.


Anonymous said...

Web designing is one of the important parts when building a web site …suppose you are providing better services but your site is not getting good response due to the bad web designing then what…? You going to loose business as well …that’s why you need to go for a professional but you can do it by your self too through any good Open source content management system and here you can do editing according your requirements in a easy way…..

shannon said...

Thanks for the link...I'll check it out☺