Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh oh! I've done it...

Happy New Year! I'm really excited about what's in store for me and my businesses in 2009. I've been so busy with preparations I haven't done much blogging or listing in any of my shops. They may look stagnant right now however within three weeks, I anticipate I'll be busy listing for a long time. I have three new items for SCJ that will be available at Etsy, Ecrater and 1000Markets on January 20. BabyDragon is going to get a totally new look...and many, many new items. And, here's the big Oh,Oh....

I've opened a third shop at Etsy by the name of Emberseed. The inspiration for this shop, comes from my interest in botany and the holistic lifestyle. My hopes for this new venture is to bring forth an awareness of natural living. I have not listed anything yet but some of the items in this shop will include scented oils, small home decorations and of course jewelry items. The style of this shop is simple with an hint of nostalgia.

At first I felt very intimidated about taking on another shop because of time and cost. However I thought about it and felt that this shop would allow me to become more creative with my use of available materials, display my other crafting talents and share my enthusiasm about natural living. Also, after a little research, I am convinced that there is a strong market for the items that I will be selling on Etsy.

Emberseed will officially make it's "debut" on January 21st. I will also have a blog dedicated to Emberseed coming soon. You can see pics of my preparations for Emberseed at my Flickr page on January 6.

On January 12 I will continue with my series on business building and will focus on finding your target audience.

Take care☺


BlueTerracotta said...

Wow, you must have a lot of energy! I can't wait to see your new shop.

shannon said...

Thanks BlueTerra!
This shop is going to allow me to make other, less time consuming projects that focus on nature. Since my youngest son has started Pre-K I've had more time to craft and make more jewelry. I'm really excited and I think that this shop will be a perfect fit at Etsy.