Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Day of Art

Last week, I decided to go to my local arts museum-the M.A.G. If there were any place that I would describe as my own private little santuary then this would be it. The M.A.G holds a modest collection compared to, lets say the Metropolitian but the pieces that they do have are so well curated that it more than makes up for it. It's been a while since I've been there so I decided to stay for an extended visit so that I could really get into my 'zone' and meditate and reflect.

I brought my camera along and went on a photographing frenzy. I've learned a long time ago that many of these artifacts and magnificent pieces of art can be great inspirations for my jewelry designs. Taking into account the lines,colors and texture of the various artwork, one could easily incorporate these elements into a soulful piece of jewelry. For example the patina and grain of the helmet pictured, would carry over beautifully, into a pair of 'diskus' earrings.

The structure of a piece can also lend itself to the design of jewelry. The multistrand necklace shown can be reinterpreted with so many variations or can act as a model for reproduction using 'new' material. The composition of a pieces, such as with the carved mahogany sculpture, can be reinterpreted in color (mahogany beads) or shape(casted carved pendant).

I'll be going on a nature hike this weekend. I'll definately take more photos and I also plan to use this opportunity to draw inspiration from my surroundings.

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