Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trying to Bring it all Together

These last couple of weeks I've been thinking and contemplating about my shops. I have three -two on Etsy and one on Ecrater. I've been wondering how I can bring a sense of cohesiveness into all three. I really like many different styles of jewelry and I have learned and taught myself different techniques to execute many styles. However, it would be very apparent to anyone visiting my shops that I am a very fickle creator and will make something on a whim, unprepared and it will not necessarily flow with the other items in my shop. It's not that I question the quality or design appeal-it's just that I would like to have a more uniform look to all three shops.

As of Monday, I came up with a plan to use Ecrater as my base store. It would house all of my creations which would include different styles of jewelry from bohemian, shabby chic to fine. These styles would be catagorized accordingly. I would also house Baby Dragon (an Etsy shop) items within this same shop and label them as so. This would pretty much become my main online boutique. My two Etsy shops (Baby Dragon and Shannon Cintron Jewelry) would be more streamlined. I've decided to create only matrimonial type pieces for my SCJ etsy shop and trendy children's kitsch jewelry for BD at Etsy.

Because Etsy does have a listing fee and a percentage fee for each item purchased(along with PayPal), I feel that using less costly materials for these shops would be more practical. In this way I can use the more costly materials at my leisure to create items for my practically free Ecrater site. Also the techniques that I use to create the jewelry that will be featured on Etsy will be less time consuming and therefore I can really focus on creating more of an inventory and perfecting my photos which is a must to get noticed on this site. Yesterday I added some new earrings to SCJ at Etsy and I love the way they look on the page. I even created a new banner using Bannersketch. I think I'm doing the right thing-only time (and a lot of promoting)will tell.

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